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UPDATED January 2024


Click here for details about the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) grants for students.


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority has been the well-being of the members of our college community. Now that we are at the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, Daoist Traditions continues to take steps to ensure the health and safety of our students, staff, faculty, and our campus visitors. Updates are communicated via email and posted on the college website.

Please note the following information regarding illness and class/clinic absences.

• We are following attendance policies and procedures which were in place prior to the pandemic.
• The allowed absences as stated in each course syllabus are designed to be used for

• Online class attendance and tests are no longer offered when students are ill.
• If a student misses a class due to illness, they are still responsible for any material discussed in classes and should obtain notes from classmates. Instructors are not required to post or share instructional materials (handouts, PowerPoint presentations).
• Each course syllabus details the number of allowed absences, instructor policy for make-up of assessments and late work.
• Cases of extreme medical issues (prolonged illness, hospitalization, major surgery) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Emails should be sent to Dr. Connie Ross at


At the Daoist Traditions Acupuncture Clinic:
Students and clinic supervisors are no longer required to wear masks in the college clinic UNLESS:
• the patient requests that the intern(s) & supervisor wear masks;
• the patient comes in wearing a mask; or
• the patient has symptoms of a respiratory infection, whether viral or bacterial. In this case, the patient will be asked to wear a mask.

Mild illness for students/employees:
Students/employees who have a mild respiratory illness (clear or white mucus, no fever), may attend class/clinic/work but must wear a mask until symptoms resolve.


If a class absence due to illness results in exceeding the allowable absences, you may submit a grade appeal at the end of the semester, as described in the Student Handbook. If you seek care from a Western medical practitioner or a Licensed Acupuncturist during your illness, be sure to obtain documentation (a note confirming that you presented for care that day), as this will help with a grade appeal. Please note, the DT Acupuncture Clinic cannot write notes for this purpose.

COVID or flu-like symptoms for students/employees:
Students/employees who have symptoms of COVID or flu including fever or body aches, must stay home from class/clinic/work. Remain at home for 5 days from the start of symptoms AND until there has been no fever for at least 24 hours and other symptoms have improved. When returning to class/clinic/work, a mask should be worn for 5 days following the illness. Student absences will count as the allowed class/clinic absences.

Administrative staff: Same as above, except your contact people are Rachel Nowakowski at and Chris Giglio at


Clinic supervisors: Same as above, except your contact people are Peter Shea at and


Faculty members: Also same as above, except your contact person is your program dean, Megan Burns at or Robert Vanderwall


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