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Master of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (MAHM) Degree


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Our Master of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (MAHM) program offers comprehensive training in the ancient traditions of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The four-year degree program is steeped in classical training and practices and is centered around each student’s cultivation and growth. The program integrates the teachings of both Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as pertinent biomedicine.


Faculty members bring years of practical experience into the classroom, helping students learn beyond what can be conveyed through textbooks. The supportive classroom environment allows students to learn effectively and feel comfortable putting theories into practice in a clinical setting. From mastering fundamental skills to gaining the confidence to begin successful practices as independent healthcare providers, we prepare students for success. Students graduate with a solid foundation in acupuncture, including the four meridian systems, and herbal medicine as well as other skills such as cupping, tui na, moxibustion, mindfulness, and many others. 


The best way to learn this patient-centered medicine is to be immersed in-person with your instructors and classmates. While the program incorporates some online coursework, in-person learning helps develop important skills you need as a practitioner – building rapport, communicating face-to-face, and practicing hands-on skills. Sharing the learning experience in-person also helps you establish connections and friendships with your classmates as you go through the four-year program.


Daoist Traditions utilizes a track system where students begin and complete the program at the same time – so you are with the same group of students for four years. By consistently meeting in-person with the same group, you develop a deeper sense of community with your classmates. The supportive learning environment allows you to practice new skills with your peers and learn from the experiences of others around you.

For details about the program and course offerings, click here for our Academic Catalog.

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