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Transfer Students

Applicants considering transferring to Daoist Traditions are asked to visit the college to meet with our admissions director, observe class sessions, and meet our students. Transferring students must be open to learning perspectives that may differ from their former school. Students must honor the diversity of all healing traditions to allow us to build upon the common foundation that joins them. 
MAHM: The college may accept up to one year of transfer credits into the MAHM program. DAHM: Transfer credit is not accepted for courses exclusive to the DAHM program. 
CCHM: Transfer of biomedicine courses is considered for CCHM applicants. Coursework must have been completed no more than 1 calendar year from the time of application. No other transfer credit is accepted into the CCHM program. 


All transferred coursework must be completed at a college/university accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education, or equivalent international entity, and be equivalent to Daoist Traditions’ degree requirements. Transferred acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine coursework must be completed at an Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM) accredited or pre-accredited program. Refer to the tuition/fees list for information about how transfer credits affect tuition.


Transfer credit is granted on a case-by-case basis. Although the national guidelines for all acupuncture schools are the same, each program is unique. Our admissions team tries to award as many transfer credits as possible while being careful to only accept credits for courses that clearly have prepared the student for our program. Due to the differences between programs, transfer students should expect that some credits will not be accepted or that it may require additional time to complete our program. Transfer students are required to repeat course work related to clinical skills, such as pulse diagnosis and needling techniques.


Transfer credits are evaluated once official transcripts have been received and the applicant has submitted an application for admission with the application fee. Students should review the program curriculum and course descriptions available at the time of enrollment. All transfer credits must be requested and awarded before the second semester of enrollment begins. Transfer credit is not evaluated after this time. 


Daoist Traditions does not evaluate prior learning experience. If a course is not listed on a transcript, regardless of prior experience, credit cannot be awarded. Transfer credit cannot be awarded twice for the same class; that is, it cannot be used to meet the minimum entrance requirement and count toward hours within the program. 

For Transfer of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Herbal Medicine Courses:
1.    The course must be listed on an official transcript with a grade of B, or equivalent, or better;
2.    The course must have been taken within the past three years;  
3.    The course must meet the hour requirements of the equivalent class at Daoist Traditions; 
4.    The course syllabus for each course is reviewed to ensure equivalency. The student must provide a catalog or URL for an online catalog and course syllabus outlining the content for each course being evaluated; and
5.    A placement exam may be required if transfer credit for multiple courses is being requested.


For Transfer of Biomedical Science Courses: 
1.    The course must be listed on an official transcript with a grade of B, or equivalent, or better;
2.    The course must meet the hour requirements of the equivalent class at Daoist Traditions; 
3.    MAHM program: the course must have been taken within the past five years for the MAHM program, unless the applicant can provide acceptable evidence of continuous activity within two years in the specific field for which transfer credit is requested, e.g. a physician; CCHM program: biomedicine courses must have been completed no more than one year from the time of application to the CCHM program. 
4.    An assessment exam is required if transfer credit is being requested in the MAHM program for anatomy, physiology, or a significant portion of the biomedicine curriculum.

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