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Our Campus and Clinic

We are located in the Montford historic district, a residential neighborhood adjacent to downtown Asheville. Many of our students bike to campus, and public transportation is also available. The campus houses our fully-equipped classrooms, student dining facilities, our library and computer lounge, and outdoor seating areas.

The College Acupuncture Clinic is located in the downtown area and includes eleven treatment rooms, meeting spaces, and an extensive herbal dispensary. Classes and workshops are also held at our Heaven's Cloud conference center, located a 15-minute drive from campus.

students in herbal garden

Medicinal Herb Gardens
As a Daoist Traditions student, you will gain valuable experience in our medicinal herb gardens. Not only will you handle the dried and packaged herbs in the dispensary, you will participate in the cultivation of herbs grown from seed. This practice provides students with the opportunity for hands-on contact with the medicinal plants introduced in our Herbal Medicine studies. The campus gardens currently contain over 100 different medicinal plants and continues to be expanded each year. Students participate in the care of the herbal gardens to help cultivate a healing space for the entire college to enjoy.


Asheville, NC skyline

Asheville Community

Our community is the perfect location for studying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. You will find a substantial community of people interested in natural approaches to wellness and healing. This is an area of health-conscious individuals who take advantage of their natural surroundings by keeping active in the Blue Ridge Mountains and local rivers.

Asheville is a colorful city nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. With a population of approximately 94,000 people, the area is rich in history and culture and boasts a thriving arts and entertainment scene. Our eclectic city has attracted a lively mix of professionals, students, and artists.

map of Daoist Traditions College campus
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