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photo of Jeffrey Yuen

Jeffrey C. Yuen

Daoist Traditions College was inspired by the teachings of Jeffrey C. Yuen, one of the most sought-after teachers of Chinese medicine throughout the world. He is an 88th generation Daoist priest from the Jade Purity School, Lao Tzu sect, and a 26th generation priest of the Complete Reality School, Dragon Gate sect. He apprenticed for more than 20 years in Classical Chinese Medicine and other Daoist healing arts with Master Yu Wen, who transmitted his lineage to Master Yuen before Master Yu Wen’s death at the age of 108. He also studied under the direct tutelage of Lu Xin-Zu, a Daoist priest of the Long Men tradition. 

Master Yuen was a key figure in the development of the acupuncture program at the Swedish Institute in New York and the first Ph.D. program in the field of Classical Chinese Medicine at the American University of Complementary Medicine in Los Angeles. He is recognized internationally as a Master of acupuncture, Classical Chinese Medicine, Daoism, Chinese herbology, Tai Chi Chuan, and Qi Gong. He emphasizes the importance of Daoism in cultivating one’s life and spirit to prevent illness, and the use of Chinese medicine for understanding and treating illness.


Master Yuen conveys Chinese medicine from a profoundly spiritual perspective rooted in Daoism. His ability to elucidate and bridge Western medical thought within the context of Chinese medicine offers an essential clarity to his students rarely experienced.

Besides being the inspiration for the creation of Daoist Traditions College, Jeffrey teaches eight continuing education classes at the college every year.

Visit our Events page for upcoming classes with Jeffrey Yuen. 

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See what students are saying about Jeffrey Yuen's classes:

"As always another stellar class by Jeffrey Yuen. My great thanks that his teachings are still being offered via distance learning."  - Joni M.

"Thank you. This seminar was extremely interesting and applicable. I will recommend other practitioners to your institution for future CE courses." - Jan P.

"This course was genuinely life changing for me...This course packed in a lot, so I would be open to hearing it again. Thank you so much for this offering!" - S.R.

"This was an amazing presentation and I cannot wait to take more classes from Jeffrey Yuen!" - David B.

"The course was absolutely amazing. We are so lucky to have Jeffrey share his knowledge and wisdom with us. I have learned an amazing amount and probably missed an amazing amount. Each time I study with Jeffrey I grow and develop as a human being in ways that I can’t put into words." - Jasmine B.

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