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Wed, Mar 13



Heart Protection and Connection (registration open)

During this two day, four-hour class, world-renowned author Elisabeth Rochat de la Valle will explore the function of the heart as sovereign according to Classical Chinese medicine. $100, 4 PDA's

 Heart Protection and Connection (registration open)
 Heart Protection and Connection (registration open)

Time & Location

Mar 13, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


About the event


In Chinese medicine, the heart presents a double aspect; it is the sovereign, the great master of my life, in fact my life itself or myself. The heart is the unity of all functions, physiological as well as psychological or mental, of all emotions and sense organs. It is the Oneness of all that constitutes an “I.” The heart’s specific function is protection and connection (xin bao luo), usually (but not accurately) translated as “pericardium.” We'll examine this function in classical Chinese medicine, how it differs from the sovereign while remaining totally dependent on and at the service of the sovereign.

This class will analyze its relationship with blood and qi, and its regular flow to all parts of the body, with the organs and pathways, with emotions and the working of the mind. Students will learn the difference between its channel - called Xinzhu or hand Jueyin - and the channel that expresses the function of the heart as sovereign (hand Shaoyin). The class will also discuss the relations between the function of the heart protection and connection and the sea of qi in the center of the chest (Danzhong). The purpose of this class is to give a better and clearer understanding of the differences between the sovereign and the ministerial fires, as well as the qualities and specific features of the heart protection and connection. The class will provide a more accurate clinical approach of the Heart and a more efficient use of the points of the two fire meridians. The class is based on a careful reading and understanding of the classical Chinese medicine texts. 

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