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Lori Fendell

M.Ac., L. Ac., PA, MPH

Lori Fendell earned her BS at the SUNY Stony Brook as a Physician Assistant, and spent thirteen years as a P.A. in primary care, gynecology, emergency medicine, health education, AIDS research, and nutritional education. Ms. Fendell also worked at a large Cambodian refugee camp for one year doing medical training and supervising the clinic. This dramatically shifted her perspective on wellness and healing especially after exposure to traditional healing and herbalism. Ms. Fendell was inspired to return to study for her Master’s in Public Health (International Health) at the University of Hawaii in 1984. As a result of her introduction to acupuncture, she attended and graduated from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, MD, and has been in full‐time private practice since 1991 in Durham, NC. Ms. Fendell is a guest lecturer at Duke University Medical Center, UNC-Chapel Hill, and other university medical centers.

Lori Fendell
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