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Mindy Gates

RN, L. Ac

Mindy Gates received her BS in Nursing Science in 1997 from the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing. Since that time, Ms. Gates has worked as a registered nurse specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. Her love for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine began in 2001 while working as an assistant at the Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology Clinic in Asheville. She earned her MAOM from Daoist Traditions in 2007. She continues her study of classical Chinese medicine with Jeffrey Yuen and the spirit of the medicine from a Five Element perspective with Lorie DeChar. Ms. Gates has been an advocate for bringing Chinese medicine to a wider audience by working with governments and institutions to establish professional licensing and credentials for acupuncturists. In addition to her work as an RN at Park Ridge Health, she is also the acupuncturist for that facility. She also maintains a private practice in downtown Asheville.

Mindy Gates
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